Seismic analysis

– Conducted time-history simulations of archetypical steel buildings under devastating earthquake motions,
– Evaluated post-earthquake damage to the load carrying members, and retrieved slab accelerations and inter-story drifts for evaluation of non-structural damage,
– Mentored graduate students working on estimates of casualties, and agent-based evacuation models.

Impact Resistance of Structures

– Designed testing frame for full-scale impact experiments,
– Carried out compression, split tension, four point bending and fracture toughness material tests,
– Conducted real-scale testing of concrete plates under concentric point loading,
– Carried out free-fall impact experiments on concrete plates,
– Analyzed results using Finite Element Method dynamic simulation (ADINA).

Free-fall metallic projectile falls in a pipe and impacts a clamped concrete plate.

Projectile impact into a concrete plate.


Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring

– Designed and fabricated durability segments for long-term corrosion monitoring of prestressed concrete piles,
– Supervised graduate and undergraduate students during manufacturing and installation of corrosion sensors,
– Inspected pile driving, and substructure erection of Key Royal Bridge on Anna Maria Island, FL.

Accelerometer and strain gauge sensors embedded in the reinforcing cage of a concrete bridge pile.

Embedded dynamic sensors.